| Saturday, December 23, 2017

Big day

Why do we get so crazy and spend so much money on drinks, meat and presents during Christmas? No wonder some of us have call it "big day".

Sukha Singh


Christmas lovo

IF rain persists through to Christmas day, most lovo (or earth oven as we say in Lau) would definitely be cancelled.

This would be because of damp firewood(s), flooded lovo pits, etc.

There will be some who will proceed as planned. Especially my Tovata (Samei), who said, the rain would be to cool him down when scraping 10 dozen coconuts.

I was still processing the mention of "10 dozen coconuts" when he quipped, "tovats, I can even make lovo in the middle of a river."

Wara o Mosese ? who parted the Red Sea!

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

Wrong spelling

A week ago, I was on my afternoon walk at Namadai, when I walked past Tuisowaqa Rd and something caught my eye, the spelling error of the street name.

It was written as Tuisowaga. The letter 'g' should be 'q' to read Tuisowaqa. Letters 'g' and 'q' sound different in the iTaukei language.

To the relevant authority concerned, please check your work first before putting up street signs.

Vili Yaranamua


Stay alert

IT is Christmas season and I wish to advise everyone to firstly be careful with the quality and quantity of their food consumption.

Secondly, it is wet season, so you all need to be alert and be prepared.

Do not be like those who lost their lives in the beginning of time for not listening to Noah's advice about the weather.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Joeli Naleca


Another opinion

Referring to Simon Hazelman's letter 21/12/15, I believe, it shows that some citizens are narrow-minded and do not understand workers' plight.

He blames protesting workers and targets politicians as opportunists.

I believe my friend does not know a government for the people would not let this happen in the first place.

I believe a developing country will only prosper if there is inclusive growth of all factors and sectors.

Sharveen Chaudhary


Labour minister

Where is the Minister of Labour?

Dan Urai


Think twice

I believe Simon Hazelman has uttered inconsiderate comments about employees of ATS. I believe they have been waiting for 11 years for something they urgently need. I would ask Simon to think twice before writing such a letter.

Alex Waqalevu


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