Draconian conditions

Utiko Nabunobuno, Lautoka | Saturday, December 23, 2017
I agree on only one stance of Simon Hazelman's opinion of the ATS saga (FT 21/12/17).

I believe, he is right in one regard, that our country's economic status needs us to be working.

However, I think, we should not be working under draconian conditions and rule of thumb that exploits our rights as workers.

The ATS structure is almost unique in Fiji in the sense that it was the first such structure introduced in Fiji to model industrial democracy.

Our employment relations law enacts the formation of the Labour Management Consultation Cooperation Committees to establish a platform where workers and management can come to the table and negotiate in good faith policy matters of the company, to foster a sense of ownership of the decisions that get implemented.

It is indeed saddening that this law looks good only on paper and the Ministry of Employment spends quite a lot of resources educating about it, but it is almost non-existent in workplaces.

The representative from ILO, who visited the country a few months ago, said bipartite and tripartite dialogue was unfortunately lacking in Fiji.

I believe we pretend to have a fancy democracy, but everything seems to be done on heavy handed top-down approach.

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