Wishing you a merry Christmas

Fred Wesley | Saturday, December 23, 2017
We are just one day away from Christmas Day. Monday is a very special day for every Christian around the world.
Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU
Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

On that day, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

They will remember, and rejoice with the story of the little baby who was born in a manger in Bethlehem. It's a story that has been retold many times over the decades. It is as familiar to every Christian as it is special.

As in all our special holidays, Monday means different things for different people.

It means change for some. For some of us, it means a new beginning.

The story of the special birth has deep meaning for Christians the world over. It is about the virgin Mary, Joseph and how Christ was born.

As we near the end of another year, it seems our problems fade away, at least in importance, only to resurface after the new year.

Christmas is a religious occasion and a very special day for believers. They will partake in sharing with loved ones. They will embrace the birth of Jesus Christ, and they will reignite the passion of their belief, love for one another and respect for others.

The occasion acknowledges the spirit of goodwill.

This long weekend is also an opportunity to indulge in good food and drinks.

For some, it will be an opportunity to party with friends and loved ones.

For Christians, it will be an opportunity to celebrate a significant occasion with family and friends.

It has become a tradition that Christmas includes greeting cards, gifts and good wishes.

The faithful will go to church or to mass.

Aside from the traditional feast most people reserve for this special day, thousands in Fiji will head towards our many beaches for a picnic with the family and friends.

We should remember the thousands of people who are not as fortunate, and will not be celebrating this special day for various reasons.

Some have no home to go to and a bleak future to look forward to.

We still hope you will find some comfort and reassurance this long weekend and on Christmas Day. We hope for good tidings for you and your family.

Monday is also about selfless giving.

Let us remember those who will need to be at work to ensure our country continues to move forward.

We remember members of the security forces, bus drivers, cabbies, those in our various supermarkets who will be at work this long weekend, along with the bus drivers and health workers to name a few.

As you enjoy the long weekend, we hope you will spare a thought for the less fortunate. We hope you will exercise caution and be vigilant on our roads.

We wish you all a merry Christmas.

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