Great sense of humour

Colin Deoki, Australia | Friday, December 22, 2017

I always get a laugh reading some of the letters in this newspaper.

The sense of humour in Fiji is certainly something that you have to be a Fijian to appreciate like in any country of origin.

We all have our local jokesters and pranksters and they definitely come out with rare gems like the one from Wise about the fried tuna (FT 21/12).

Hilarious but with a definite twist of a profound message of truth from the grog swiping champion's mum.

Only in Fiji!

However, what makes sad reading is the story about the ATS employees.

Isa, Mr Prime Minister, sometimes your intervention is what's needed to bridge the gap of misunderstanding, misinformation and misnomers.

One of the sad truths I've come to appreciate about our country is that there's this feeling that the common person in Fiji seems to always be getting the raw end of the deal.

I'm not privy to all of the facts surrounding the issues involved but where's our talanoa and bula spirit gone to when it comes to serious issues surrounding people's employment and living?

Every problem, no matter how big or small, has a solution.

Why does it have to take so much angst and acrimony to settle a dispute?

I would venture to suggest that pride and stubbornness coupled with meddling "liu muri" types who stir the proverbial "pot" are hell-bent on "cooking" up stories to feather their own nest.

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