| Friday, December 22, 2017

Missionary work

Having worked as a missionary some time ago has enabled me to appreciate how much missionaries go through as they try to do what they are called to do in whatever part of the world they are in.

It is a life full of challenges and where survival depends on the decisions one makes and where at times there is no guarantee that one is going to live to see another day.

Oh, the most risky of all callings but definitely the most satisfying. People, please spare a thought for all our missionaries this Christmas!

May they continue to carry out their calling successfully all over the globe, and a very happy Christmas to all missionaries.

Joeli Naleca


Lack of empathy

I believe if one thing this saga demonstrates, it's a lack of empathy by management to staff members.

I believe what we are witnessing is an action taken that has built up over time.

Sailosi Naewe

Naduru Rd, Nausori

Get involved

Can my Government please get involved and negotiate the problems faced by ATS workers?

The general election is around the corner and it paints a bad picture about our country.

I am sure the way forward is negotiation by both parties.

I believe the days for confrontation are long gone.

Narayan Reddy


E-ticketing cards

Everything seems to be stable as customers are very well versed with the system.

However, why is it that most top-up agents are now backing up.

Has this anything to do with the low turnout that they're getting?

Customers have to go around looking for top up agents since most either don't have machines or have no top up.

Should this have been solved before we started using e-ticketing cards?

What say concerned authorities?

Rani Rosy Sharma


Access to beaches

Will access to beaches be the price members of the public continue to bear as new hotels and resorts are constructed?

As the plane gradually descended towards Nadi International Airport, I could not help but notice new tourism developments at Wailoaloa beach.

This will definitely become a popular tourist destination in the new future and members of the public can anticipate less access to the beach. Whatever one's views, best to enjoy the beach while one has the opportunity.

Floyd Robinson


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