Spirit of giving

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu | Thursday, December 21, 2017
It feels good to be home after 12 days of holidaying. After arriving home around midnight, I spent close to an hour going through my favourite The Fiji Times for all the news, letters and editorials I had missed while I was away in New Zealand.
Div Damodar (3rd from left) during the Dollar a Child launch for WOWS Kids recently. Picture: RAMA
Div Damodar (3rd from left) during the Dollar a Child launch for WOWS Kids recently. Picture: RAMA

The fact remains that nothing beats the friendly Fijian smile, weather, food and companionship.

As we approach the festive season, I must thank those corporate sponsors, business houses and individuals who have worked hard to put a smile on the faces of all those unfortunate ones, whether at the senior citizens home or those housing our kids.

The true meaning of Christmas is giving and sharing. Unfortunately, Christmas has today become a commercial celebration.

A special vinaka vakalevu to the Walk On Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Fiji for the timely donation of $9k to the Foundation for the Education of Needy Children (FENC) Fiji. While handing over the donation Viola Lesi complimented the work FENC Fiji was doing in identifying children who needed assistance by motivating and driving them to succeed in education and life.

Hats off to the leaders of WOWS Fiji and FENC Fiji for the tremendous efforts that have been put over the years in looking after our wonderful kids!

I also thank Div Damodar and Damodar Group of Companies for their continued support to WOWS Fiji! Definitely your support has made WOWS Fiji stronger and stronger.

Meanwhile, the spirit of giving in Fiji makes us Fijians special. I know of many individuals and families that will spear their festive season to be with the many disadvantaged and the needy people in our communities by showering them with gifts, food, clothes and toys. To those behind the curtains

He is going to richly bless you. Please continue with the good deeds as showers of blessings from heaven will touch you.

Now that we are days away from celebrating Christmas, I plead with shoppers to exercise care while shopping. Please shop wisely and save enough for January when school reopens.

To all motorists, please drive with care and be considerate. There should be a big no to drink and driving. Thank you The Fiji Times for all the reports that you have been covering during the festive season!

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