Our hairdressers

Spencer Robinson, Suva | Thursday, December 21, 2017
Hairdressers or barber shops around the country should be commended for their role in ensuring that our "hair cuts" are made possible — from the style and designs, you name it!

Like any other important profession, they fit the category of nobility.

They make us look neat and smart for which we should be thankful for their role in doing so.

Imagine a compound or lawn that's not been mowed for a week or two. Obviously it would be an eyesore to you and society.

When this "bushy" lawn is mowed it becomes transformed to the unimaginable — so neat and tidy.

This same principle applies to the amazing experiences we face every time we have our "haircuts".

Thank you to all the hardworking men and women in Fiji for the noble role you play in hairdressing.

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