| Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Three yellow


I believe the proposal by National League Board of Fiji FA to recommend the three yellow cards rule to the Fiji FA Council (FT 18/12 Page 35) is ill conceived and will only promote indiscipline in the players. The yellow cards are given to players for indiscipline. As for the argument of touring teams when they have to play two games in a weekend, the coach should ensure that any player on a yellow card does form part of that touring squad. And if by chance a player does get a yellow card in the first game, a good coach will have him replaced if he wishes, to use him in the next match the next day.

Vijay P. Madhavan

Borron Rd, Suva


card issue

I got into a bus the other day at Natokowaqa, Lautoka, and swiped my card, expecting 68 cents to be deducted but instead $2.78 was docked. Can the difference be reimbursed? Driver has no change this time around.

Edward Kumar


Essence of Christmas

Vinaka Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa (FT 19/12) for your enlightening article on the true essence of Christmas. I was truly moved by your beautiful piece.

Colin Deoki


Santa please


Can Father Christmas help solve the ATS dispute?

Narayan Reddy



Christmas all

Come on Fiji. Let's not crucify the team and our Welsh dragon because like Big Ben he is still building on his combination and the boys are holding their own against the big guns like the Blitzbokke who have been together now for more than three seasons now. So let's all enjoy Christmas and pray for a better New Year and keep on supporting the boys, win or lose we should always have their back, trust me their time to shine will come and we will once again reign supreme. So for now let's enjoy time with our families and prepare to welcome the birth of our Lord for us Christians and celebrate it with respect for other races and denominations, and let's all go back to our roots. Merry Christmas all.

Lawrence Wara


Eating on

a flight

My friend Reddy was thinking of going to New Zealand for a few days but he is worried that he will get hungry on board our national airline. I told him he could make his usual roti and curry for himself. And he could make a few more to sell on board. He could also mix yaqona ready and sell it as refreshments.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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