Dating reality

Finau Naigulevu Turaga Nadi Airport | Wednesday, December 20, 2017
WHO do parents discourage youths from dating while at school or even when as dependents in their parents' homes?

I believe the major reason is that youths' hearts and emotions are not ready to handle and tackle rejection, rebuff, emotional and psychological brokenness.

In brokenness, youths resort to self-affliction that take ages to recover.

The other reason youths refrain from dating is, of course, the inability to economically and physically take care of the basic and economic needs of another person while still depending on parents.

I believe rejection is a common reason for suicide, thus parents take heed and don't let people break your children's hearts.

Guide them to date only when they're matured, confident, self-sufficient, graduated with a job and ready to settle down.

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