Stop them

Suresh Chand Nadi | Wednesday, December 20, 2017
IT is not unusual to see friends drinking in groups in parks and abandoned buildings during this time of the year.

It is hoped police watch the drinkers in case they become a public nuisance.

Of course, we all know drinking in public places is prohibited.

Despite the prohibition, we see people drink in public places.

I think this is happening because of poor policing.

The worst part is urinating because there are no toilets in the place they consume alcohol.

Police mobility should not be a problem because they have been given more than enough vehicles now.

Although it is not far from the police station, Koroivolu Park in Nadi Town is a hub for alcohol consumers.

Because of drunkards, children are scared to play there.

I don't think we can allow this to continue forever.

Let's hope police improve their policing and tackle the issue head on.

Stop people from drinking in public places

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