Bring back club games

A. Shariff Shah Savusavu | Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Mr Gamel ... to improve the soccer standard in Fiji, I believe you must enforce the local league competition in every district.

Don't run it just for the sake of it. Any district that does not run the local league should not be allowed to field a district team.

That's in the Fiji FA constitution. But I believe what is happening is totally opposite.

I believe the last club competition that was organised in Savusavu was 13 years ago. That speaks volumes.

Talents are wasted. The good CEO is trying to run a soccer franchise similar to EPL.

In our days the club competition was so strong ... a club team could even thrash the present national team or any given district team.

I believe you are the only sharp shooter there.

If you want to produce results, please have a five-year development program. Please don't waste your time with the present crop of senior players but relook at youths in organised club competitions.

Youths are your future. They will give you 15 years of playing time. Seniors that you are relying on will give you one year if lucky.

Just don't go far, ask your present national team members how many have played club competitions.

The answer is crystal clear.

And to top it up, please close the transfer window for good. No long service ... no combination.

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