| Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas spirit

I BELIEVE gone are the days when you can walk into the post office and see beautiful decorations and hear Christmas music on the week before Christmas, especially for smaller outlets. Sadder still, one can't find Christmas cards in bulk affordable prices anymore. A huge damper on the Christmas spirit! Maybe we can hope for next Christmas.


Martintar, Nadi

All about cakes

I AGREE with Simon Hazelman's letter about cakes. It has been the practice to cut cakes at functions for a very long time. Mr Hazelman has mentioned NCDs. I have seen many functions where cutting of cakes happen. If you look properly, some of the gang who are cutting the cakes are round like the pudding.



Climate change

AMBASSADORS from Fiji addressed the world in Bonn, Germany, regarding climate change and are representing Fiji in Paris. Despite all the efforts, I believe our Minister for Environment released balloons while celebrating the 40th anniversary of Lami Town.


Malolo St, Lautoka

Rape and drugs

IS rape connected to drugs? Could the police force tell us this? I believe they are the best and the right authority for this question.



Eticketing issue

WELL, the eticketing saga continues, with the unavailability of funds from those proprietors who are supposed to provide us with the much-needed top up, so one can catch the public transport to work.

Not only do we wake up early to make sure we get ourselves organised, but we had to walk all over Cunningham in search of the mystical top up machine, because the store that we usually top up at had no funds and the answer was the same for the rest of the shops.

Now in my case, I had the funds to catch a cab and make my way to work, alas I still arrived late to work because of the traffic jam, which I initially wanted to avoid thus the reason for waking up early.

So can the bright lights who came up with the idea of making travelling simpler and easier look into this issue?

Better yet, why don't we still have the pay system in place until all these issues are ironed out. Note that the roadworks are causing havoc on our travelling schedules, but that is another story!



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