Mini games

Simon Hazelman Savusavu | Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Out of 14 disciplines at the games, I believe we competed in 11.

We finished third behind Papua New Guinea and winners New Caledonia, with a total of 23 gold, 27 silver and 23 bronze medals, totalling 73 medals.

On the track we managed only five gold, five silver and three bronze.

We only achieved two gold and six silver in field events.

The rest of our 52 medals came from table tennis, judo, archery, tennis, rugby, golf, football, boxing, beach volleyball and weight-lifting, with a total of 16 gold, 16 silver and 20 bronze.

Our weight-lifters hauled in one third of our total tally with nine gold, five silver and 10 bronze.

Table tennis got us four gold, two silver and four bronze and judo got us two gold and one silver.

While our weight-lifters topped our medal tally, it was the PNG weight-lifters who got them into second place with 14 gold and four silver followed by their track and field athletes with 17 gold, 16 silver and 12 bronze.

Overall winner New Caledonia, on the other hand, only won eight gold, four silver and five bronze in track and field.

It was mainly because of their karate squad, who pretty much took all the 16 gold medals that got them in first position.

Their archery and golfers also got them a good number of gold medals as well. So in retrospect, it would be fair to state that second place-getters PNG ruled the track and field events, winners New Caledonia karated themselves through and we, the jack of all disciplines and master of none, lost our overall dominance!

Congratulations to all our Fiji medal winners, your hard work has been rewarded.

As for our same old officials, I believe it would be fair to also state and remind you that not only did we lose our number one place in the Pacific region, but yet again we have come up way short of the 40 gold medals expected.

I guess it's back to the old drawing board again?

Maybe a new sports management team and a new drawing board will be the right way for us to achieve better results?

I believe it would certainly be a good change!

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