Unforgettable experience

Joeli Naleca, Nadi | Tuesday, December 19, 2017
I had an unforgettable experience during the weekend while at home in Nadali along the Wainibokasi Rd in Nausori. A speeding car hit and dragged a nephew for a few metres before the driver realised what he had done.

Now, with the young teenager still struggling for his life in hospital, I wish to call on the relevant authorities to do something about this stretch of road, especially within the Nadali and Vunimono neighbourhood.

Road accidents along this area are almost a daily event and nothing has yet been done about it.

I do not know why.

We, the residents of this area, are kindly requesting the relevant authorities to please put up road humps on this death stretch.

This will prevent drivers from speeding along this road.

Drivers along the Wainibokasi Rd, please take heed that faster is fatal, but slower is safe.

Please also note that the word safety may start with "s", but it all begins with you.

Get well and get better, nephew!

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