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| Monday, December 18, 2017

Planting time

I firmly believe this is the best time to plant crops on our land suitable for gardening and farming both subsistent and commercially.

The weather is just right.

Never extend sleeping time in the morning.

Wake up and till the land.

Alex Waqalevu


Man of the year

Despite all his warts and bullishness, I nominate President Donald Trump for man of the year, 2017.

Mainly for demolishing the facade of political correctness and for throwing a temporary spanner in the works of the globalists.

Gabriel Simpson


Lockout issue

I didn't know that a worker can lockout a shareholder.

Am I missing something?

Narayan Reddy


Plastic bags

Boggles the mind, a supermarket advertisement reads: "save the environment, pay 10 cents for plastic bags."

Dan Urai


Mini games

Why do they call it mini games when more than 20 sports were played in over two weeks, with more than 2000 sportspeople involved and about 500 medals at stake.

That is not a mini game any more.

Ilaitia Bose

Raojibhai Patel St


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