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| Saturday, December 16, 2017
Bad roads

Our nightmarish state of central roads coupled with irresponsible and un-courteous drivers are causing a major stress to us.

This causes rash driving and the elevated manhole covers on the Suva-Nausori highway contributes to the jump and crazy driving with huge beelines.

The fatalities have already touched the sky thanks to the absence of decent roads and drivers.

Param Singh


No Times

I was told that The Fiji Times was not allowed on Fiji Airways. Then someone said, "it's banned". Oh my goodness! Why?

Many people ask for it on the plane, but are politely told there is none. How sad is this?

Who is the bad heart person who made the decision?

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Voting issue

Would you vote for a government that works mysteriously?

Sailosi Naewe

Naduru Rd, Nausori

Me and I

BE wary of those that use the words "Me" "My", "I" once too often.

Dan Urai


Nadi road

YES a very nice road, but before Fiji Road Authority CEO Jonathan Moore signs the cheque over, please walk on the road.

We walk on it a few times a week and the concrete on the curb is crumbling in many locations and also there are already cracks on the side walk.

Piet Wigmans


Thank you

I would like to thank our Government and the roads department for tarsealing the road between Sabeto Muslim School and Fulton College.

Although this is only about two kilometres long it serves a densely populated area with a school, post office, police station, motel and Fulton College which has more than 400 students residing there.

Thumbs up to our Government for the job well done.

Nardeo Mishra



I saw a lot of difference in the first two years when FRA replaced PWD.

Now I can't see any. I believe it takes FRA six long years to repair the road stretching from Saint Bedes to Yaroi Village in Savusavu.

I am wondering what qualifications all those workers have. There is no expert in sight only our well known locals. The road from Wairiki to Taveuni South is any driver's nightmare to drive on.



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