Traffic congestion

Umesh Nand,Koroba Street, Nakasi | Saturday, December 16, 2017

It just leaves all of us wondering.

The Fiji Roads Authority are carrying out major roadworks with major intersections, bridges, roads and roundabouts partly or completely closed and traffic is so bad between the Suva/Nausori corridor.

We all are just not wasting valuable productive time in traffic, but also burning so much fuel, polluting our environment.

I guess the FRA missed the COP23 message.

The timing is just not right to do this, especially when we are experiencing so much rain and work is not progressing with the speed at which it is supposed to.

Whose great idea was it to dig up all these points of heavy traffic all at once?

Why couldn't work at a particular area be completed first before moving to the next?

And if it was necessary to dig up all these areas all at once, why can't FRA show urgency in completing these projects by working during nights and during weekends to finish the projects.

Having so much taxpayer money allocated to FRA, with good and efficient road network being one of the key priorities for national development, the way these projects are carried out just doesn't make sense.

It seems like the travelling public are at the mercy of these narrowly-thought ideas and we just have to accept and put up with these decisions.

I appreciate if the Government can intervene, and get these works completed swiftly, please.

Oh my God, the schools re-open in January.

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