Let's stay alert

Fred Wesley | Saturday, December 16, 2017
It rained in the Capital City for most of yesterday. In fact, the weather office in Nadi forecasts occasional rain, heavy at times and a few thunderstorms today.
Fred Wesley
Fred Wesley

It appears rain is forecast for most parts of the country today, easing by tomorrow.

Yesterday the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development, National Disaster Management and Meteorological Services issued a weather report.

A trough of low pressure, it said, lies slow moving to the west of Fiji and extends north of the group.

It said within this trough, a low-pressure system had developed near Vanuatu and was expected to pass north of Fiji this weekend.

Associated cloud and rain are expected to affect the country.

The low-pressure system is expected to deepen into a disturbance as it gradually moves eastward, passing between Rotuma and Vanua Levu this weekend and lying south of Samoa early next week.

The system, it said, has the potential to become a significant depression as it approaches Samoa and changing direction to south-eastwards.

The chance of developing into a tropical cyclone, it said, is moderate.

While the system does not pose a direct threat to Fiji on the forecasted movement, it said associated active trough of low pressure was expected to affect the country. Associated cloud and occasional rain, heavy at times with isolated thunderstorms are likely, it said, especially in the northern and the eastern parts of the country.

A strong wind warning is now in force for land and waters of Rotuma, in anticipation of the approaching system this weekend.

Let's heed this warning.

Let's prepare ourselves, stock up on essential items, check our roofing structure, and do general maintenance work around the house.

We can talk about the unfair turn of events and do nothing. Or we can choose to knuckle down now.

The recovery process in the wake of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston continues for some people.

Some are still struggling to make ends meet.

Mother nature does seem to have a mind of her own.

We can't just sit and do nothing though. We must make an effort to prepare ourselves.

Warnings are issued, yet sometimes, we choose to ignore them.

Natural disasters are part of our lives. They have not just popped out of the woodwork.

We are now well into our annual cyclone season, for starters.

If there is one critical lesson we have learnt over the years battling natural disasters, it has to be the fact that preparation is important.

We have been warned.

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