| Friday, December 15, 2017
Sudden departure

Whoa! The "bara" boss of WAF was suddenly let go, (FT 14/12).

The reason revealed by the board was that they needed someone with a "broader engineering background".

A little confused ­— why did it take them ages (literally) to realise that Opetaia was not suitable for the job?

Nishant Singh



What happened to this law? Is it still in force? It's definitely not practised here in Savusavu.

People cross from left, right and centre. From anywhere, everywhere and to make it worse ... any time!



Traffic woes

ARE people done complaining about traffic? Now look at our improved roads.

Rani Rosy Sharma


Pacific event

THE Friendly North Festival was more vibrant than the regional event. Was it held at Nadi Back Rd?

Usaia Tagi

Delainavesi, Lami

Climate change

WE are all concerned about the rising sea level as one apparent effect of climate change.

Is it the sea level rising or the land mass shrinking?

Something to think about as a friend observed the mountains seem to be getting smaller 20 years ago when he last visited Fiji.

Sadiq Kasim


New mill

THE CEO of FSC plans to build a new sugar mill somewhere in Western Viti Levu. Where is the money coming from?

FSC has already recorded loses for years and I am wondering who will finance FSC to build a new mill?

The farmers are already complaining and with the land lease problem, I believe very soon no sugarcane farms will be left.

Narayan Reddy


Combined parties

I believe many people would agree that the best way to approach the election is to combine all opposition political parties.

I believe the PDP leadership have paved the way. Why the complaint?



Daily allowances

COULD the Ministry of Finance give us the daily allowances of all the members of Parliament when they go overseas and when they do some work locally?

I would like to know the daily allowances before I apply for a seat in any party.

I hope the ministry will do this small favour for me.



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