Job description

Christopher Griffin Perth, Wa, Australia | Friday, December 15, 2017
Your correspondent Alan Lockington wonders (FT 12/12) what is the job description of the Minister for Waterways. The answer is at hand.

According to the Government website the Minister for Waterways is responsible for dredging waterways, realigning drain systems, and managing storm water and river banks.

Another correspondent (FT13/12) notes Reddy is the right man for this job, while Wise Muavono (Letters 13/12) hopes now to see progress on flood matters.

Indeed, where better for the new minister to start than Ra where he brings water experience and especially Rakiraki where years of promised action have never been fulfilled.

Water finds its own level and it can be a very humbling experience like storm water.

Dealing with them involves drawing on local knowledge, itself requiring a level of humility that has hitherto been missing.

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