7s series

Richard Abel,Samabula North, Suva | Wednesday, December 13, 2017
THE beginning of the first leg of the 7s series was a good start for our gladiators, but I have to say that some referees were not up to the standard or up to the task at hand, which actually cost us the game.

When coming into the cup semis at Dubai, the ref was unfair in some of his decisions.

He sort of killed the game for our lads, which gave South Africa the edge to beat us, but we lost that game and moved on to the next leg in Cape Town and that proved tragic as well, with the referee being one-sided in his handling of that quarter-final match, which we also lost because of bad decisions by the referee.

Our lads showed true sportmanship and took that loss with a smile.

We thank the Almighty for the gladiators of Fiji 7s and pray that there are other series legs ahead where we can showcase and prove who is the best in the world.

Our lads truly showed the South Africans how to play and even though it did not show much on the score board in the end, but we know that was how it went.

To our heroes, keep on keeping on and go Fiji go.

God bless.

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