Fire at dump site

Narayan Reddy,Lautoka | Wednesday, December 13, 2017
IT seems to me that Wise Muavono is blaming Lautoka City Council for the dump fire.

It seems to me that Mr Muavono failed to understand the CEO of LCC, who explained to the media the cause of the fire.

I have seen first-hand the effects of the fire and how hard it was for the fire department and city council workers to control the fire.

It was sad to see people complaining, but refusing to help.

Mr Muavono was nowhere near the dump to help or give advice, but chose to drink grog with his friend Allen Lockington and write in the media.

Lautoka City Council has already hired more security guards and even the police in Lautoka are on the watch for arsonists at the site.

Mr Muavono you should have come forward, but wait I forgot you are not a ratepayer and that was the reason you gave last time.

Please Wise (BYD) if you can't help then please don't criticise.

If you need to know more about the fire or if you wish to volunteer in future please visit the LCC office or the Ratepayers Association so that we can help you better understand the situation of Lautoka City Council.

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