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Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,Suva | Wednesday, December 13, 2017

MOST Fiji 7s fans will be angry that our Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team lost again to South Africa in the Cape Town 7s quarter-final and some will be quick to write off our team.

I believe our boys performed well and they would have silenced the home crowd if they had concentrated more and did the basics right.

It is time for coach Baber to bring in some big boys or get the current team to go on a ball and all tackle course, which was one thing that was driven into our Fiji 7s teams a couple of years ago.

It is good for the team to take one game at a time, but did they plan and set out the path to follow to reach the Cape Town Sevens Cup final.

The coach of the Canada 7s team already had that in mind when he was interviewed after his team shut off our boys in pool play when he replied: "We don't want to meet South Africa in the quarter-final."

Despite losing to Canada and being second in its pool, our boys performed well to be third in the overall points table with 28 points, while New Zealand leads with 41 points, followed by South Africa on 39 points.

Had Fiji won and topped its pool, our boys would have had an easy pathway to the Cup final and would have registered their first tournament win.

But, this is all wishful thinking now and we all hope that Baber and the Fiji sevens team will sit down and watch the replays of all their games in the past two tournaments and work on all the basics that need to be improved on.

Our boys are just magic when they strut their stuff in full concentration mode, but it is when they lack concentration and lose the ball is where they pay the price by losing the game.

Vinaka boys, you are a champion team and we all hope you will learn from your mistakes in the past two tournaments and win one or both of the next two tournaments.

Go Fiji go!

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