State of park

Joji O Toronibau,Navetau, Tunuloa, Cakaudrove | Wednesday, December 13, 2017
A FEW months back, I witnessed as we heralded the issuance of SME grants to beneficiaries at Ratu Ganilau Park, Savusavu.

While leisurely observing the crowd's enthusiasm, I could see hordes of multitudes filing up the unfinished pavilion.

Although, it was cordoned off with yellow ribbon like warnings the pavilion was filled to capacity.

Then an announcement soon came through the high-pitched speakers that if people do sit there, it would soon collapse.

Crowds jumped, leaped and flew from their seats in an unceremonious fashion, in a frenzy phantom like scene. I stood back, had a little laugh. Although the pavilion was great as well as the fence, the uneven ground left much to be desired. Perhaps, it will be upgraded to a standard like Eden Park of Auckland!

Then our sports enthusiasm in the North will be addressed.

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