Election promises

Allen Lockington,Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka | Tuesday, December 12, 2017
THE general election is coming up, many people will be vying for seats.

Promises will be made. It's the norm.

Sometimes when people suddenly find themselves in Parliament they tend to forget their promises, because when you are outside you may not know the real issues.

And one main component is finances, it's not as easy as it seems.

Once you get in you find it's not that easy.

I just hope that those who are vying are going in with the vision to serve.

I also hope that they are taking with them some experience in a field that they will suggest that they take up as a ministerial post.

And the leaders in their wisdom will also agree to this.

Example the Ministry of Education — teachers or a person with education background will be best suited for the post.

Agriculture — a person with a farming background with preferably a degree or higher in that field.

Health — a person who has a medical background. Works and rural development, an engineer in that field.

Tourism — a person with experience in that field.

Sports — a dedicated sportsperson. It would be great if the person has a degree in sports science or vast experience in sports. The list goes on.

I say this because we should put the right people in the appropriated portfolio and not just because he or she won votes.

I look to the future and hope for a good and fair general election where the best are elected.

And please don't be affected by what the keyboard warriors say on social media.

Be tough, stand tall and deliver to the people because and I repeat because they put you there.

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