Poor infrastructure

Ravneel Sharma, Nasasa Rd, Navua | Thursday, December 7, 2017
It has been a while that the Fiji Roads Authority has been focusing on our tarsealed roads or roads within Suva.

Those roads that lead up to the highlands or rural areas have been left idle.

I believe many people had been struggling to go to work from Navua areas because of access roads being blocked because of flooding. I believe the drains were being dug but not to the level expected as it did not serve its purpose during rainy season.

These drains have no outlets therefore heavy rain caused flash flooding and washing away of gravel from the roads.

To make it worse, I believe the Fiji Roads Authority workers left signboards and road cones to show roads partially closed.

These roads have not been attended to since last month and each time we make calls to the FRA, they say that our request is in the queue.

It's strange that the advisory counsellor has no answers when members of the public pose questions regarding poor drainage and roads.

I request the Minister for Local Government to relook at roads and drainage in Navua as they were never in this situation before.

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