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| Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Fire alarm Was the fire detection and warning alarm system in working order before the fire at the Lautoka Hospital? Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka



Just curious to know when our climate change champion, the honourable Inia Seruiratu, would initiate the cycling culture in Fiji as he had hinted back in Bonn, Germany, not too long ago.

I guess it's about time he put words into action and get the ball rolling in attempting to save our vulnerable planet.

Nishant Singh




Quick action by authorities saved lives and fire from causing further damage at Lautoka Hospital yesterday.

I believe the early morning blaze no one expects to happen destroyed quite a few departments, but luckily no one was hurt.

Naturally, the patients would be much shaken and counting their lucky stars today.

As a result of the inferno, the departments affected would remain closed until fully repaired.

Suresh Chand




WHEN bank accounts are dormant for over 10 years, I believe the banks publish notice to account holders giving them three months to claim.

Thereafter, the funds are transferred to the Reserve Bank.

What happens to the money if it remains unclaimed? Is there any report presented to account for the monies received by RBF? If so, is it available to the public?

Can somebody please enlighten me?





What was the purpose of the recent Rugby League World Cup?

Apart from deciding on the world champions, was it not also an opportunity to determine world rankings of national rugby league teams.

If so, one wonders how and why Fiji and Tonga did not play for third and fourth places.

All in all, not often do we hear of a national Fiji side reaching quarter-finals of world cup tournaments three times in a row.

Floyd Robinson


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