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| Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Rugby reserve

I believe the match our Flying Fijians played against Italy at the weekend should be written in the history books at the rugby house as a memorable game for a former national rugby captain.

Perhaps the former captain and other reserves should be given enough time to jump on to the field to play rugby rather than making the numbers.

I believe the specialist backline player was taken by surprise as he did not make contact with the ball and his opponents.



Marijuana sale

IT seems marijuana can be easily bought in Lautoka.

While the police are doing what they can, I often see people smoking it freely in town.

The smell is distinct and one cannot miss it.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Meat quality

With the quality of lamb chops sold at some of our supermarkets, makes me wonder if these are rejected meats from the country of origin because there's so much fat content.

For my next barbecue I'd be better off buying chicken feet.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

FEA service

WHEN our electricity went off on Sunday evening I phoned to report the fault.

Within an hour I could hear the technicians hard at work cutting back the bamboos and other vegetation that had apparently fallen on the transmission cables following the heavy rainfall throughout the weekend.

They persevered to rectify the problem despite the darkness and rain and within an hour power was restored.

Thank you FEA for such excellent and responsive service which is indeed very much appreciated.

Tim Howick-Smith

Uduya Point, Lami

Chief guests

AS we approach year's end and with the many school prizegiving and graduation ceremonies, I plead to those who are honoured enough to be asked to be the chief guest to know your audience, speak briefly and to the point and for goodness sake, please be prompt, our children's time is as important as yours.

Nigel Fiu


Students top up

I have seen that most students are topping up again using their own cards and money provided by parents.

I thought the Government would pay for all fares until the end of the term. Why do students need to top up their cards? Can this be clarified?

Alex Waqalevu


Plastic bags

I'm curious, it's been some time now since the ban on plastic was put in place.

Is someone checking if it's working?

Or are we just losing 10 cents for every bag we pay for?

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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