Bus ride

Tukai Lagonilakeba,Namaka, Nadi | Tuesday, November 14, 2017

MY neighbour took his normal bus ride from the Namaka bus stop opposite the MH Supermarket and caught a brand new bus to work in Lautoka.

He swiped his eticketing card and got charged $2.50.

He returned in the afternoon and caught a new bus of another company from the Lautoka Bus Station. He swiped his card and was charged $1.70.

That was a big difference, but he was not sure if that should be the case.

When sharing his experience with me, I informed him there would be teething problems in the new system and we must give our people time to fix it.

The gentleman shared that he had now cut down on his buying of cigarette and yaqona only to ensure that his eticketing card is well topped up so as not to cause him any embarrassment and inconvenience when using his card travelling to work.

I do wish my friend Joel Abraham the CEO commerce commission and chairman for our eticketing and bus fare review team will take note of the above.

Oh, lest I forget, a retired 60-year-old woman met me at a supermarket in Namaka and mentioned to me that she had 10 cents balance in her card but after a recharge of $5, she noticed her balance was $5, not $5.10!

She said the machine had stolen 10 cents from her.

I gave my tauvu from Naitasiri a $5 note to buy her an ice cream simply because I did not have the answer.

Long live eticketing!

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