Drunkards and litterers

Kirti Patel,Lautoka | Sunday, November 12, 2017
Far too many times people have raised concerns about Marine Drive in Lautoka via this column.

This is a widely used area especially for morning walks and is a place where so many relax on Sundays.

The safety of people can be compromised because of some drunkards in the area in the evenings and at night and also on Sundays.

Though they are prohibited from drinking in this public space, they continue to do so.

It is sad that members of the general public cannot walk freely either at mornings or evenings at this spot.

Littering is another factor that is affecting the users of that place. Some broken bottle peaces are also found there and the usual rubbish despite having the rubbish bins.

It is a very sad state of affairs that our own people cannot respect the public spaces and cannot leave it in a state of cleanliness and safety.

This place has been upgraded and beautified and all people have to do is just to maintain it, yet even that is hard for some.

It's simply pathetic to think that our own people cannot maintain and look after the very place they use themselves.

I hope the authorities seriously look into this and help sort this matter out. Some sort of urgent response is really needed at this frequently used place.

We cannot keep raising concerns on this matter over and over. Maybe it's high time for some action.

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