Bonds of brotherhood

Colin Deoki,Australia | Sunday, November 12, 2017
I'd like to commend Dialogue Fiji and especially executive director Nilesh Lal and his team, including the NGOs, which took the time to organise this forum.

While it's a great start to understanding and building ethnic relations in the country, a generational approach would be to start the process in primary and secondary schools (if it isn't already being done) and extend the invitation for talanoa about this subject around the tanoa too.

I learned more about other cultures and traditions when I made the time to visit with friends from other ethnic groups and religious persuasions asking why they did what they did during their special occasions. It made me appreciate not only their rich diversity but I came to respect the very sacred and long-held traditions of many of our brothers and sisters from a wide range of backgrounds.

Teaching our children from an early age about the rich cultural diversity of our country will go a long way in strengthening the bonds of brotherhood (genderless).

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