| Thursday, October 12, 2017
World Cup


Iceland has become the smallest nation to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. A nation with almost two thirds less than Fiji's population. Sad how our local football followers are content with Fiji FACT, BOG and the IDC.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



Can the relevant authorities clamp down and get rid of some of the noisy and old buses still operating in our city? I believe they are a nuisance to the public and the engine noise of these buses is deafening. Also, some of them have cracks and the fumes that are emitting from the engine are toxic. These are public service vehicles not pollution smothering vehicles.

M S Kaleca




Can the minister concerned or FRA please advise me as to which one is cheaper. A hundred patches per square metre or a new sealed per square metre? I don't think anybody has to be a genius to figure this out. The stretch from St Bedes Collage to Savusavu Town and from Seaqaqa to Labasa Town is anybody's worst nightmare to drive on. I humbly request the FRA to please gravel the tarsealed road in the two locations. The gravel surface is much better to drive on as in the case from Kasavu to Buca Bay. I must salute the staff and management of Digtrac Ltd of Savusavu in keeping this road intact and well looked after. Digtrac always knows what they are doing. Period.

Shariff Shah




Can Fiji Football keep their paid coaches to team Fiji and not interfere in district level soccer? I believe it's costing the districts games.

Arvin dayal


Bus fare


The announcement by Government of the formation of an independent commission to review bus fares appears to be in line with the saying "cart before the horse". Shouldn't this have been done before the implementation of the eticketing system? The review of the whole bus transportation system would have been a logical and planned way of going about things, in my humble opinion.

Emosi Balei


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