Use of library

Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka | Thursday, October 12, 2017
At one time I was an eager member of Lautoka's Western Regional Library.

The library comes under the Ministry of Education.

At that time we were encouraging people to read, but it's hard now, because of the internet and gadgets.

Some of my friends went pass lately and said the place looks "sad".

Isa, at one end of the spectrum we are encouraging people to read and on the other end we leave the library to waste away.

I can't recall when new or latest novels were brought in. All I can remember is that many times discards from sister libraries are brought in to top up.

Many people go for the latest novels and if going there to only see old editions, it discourages the people.

Now I can say that many go there to meet on a date.

Can we at least boost the library with new books, some new initiatives please?

Sometime back I was at the library and a mother and her two daughters of about eight and nine years old came in.

The mother got her Mills and Boon and the children got what they wanted.

Outside one person said, "Look at that … she's reading Mills and Boon."

My answer was, "At least she is reading, what about you?"

The person walked away in a huff.

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