House fires

Rob Pitts Nananu-I-Ra Island | Thursday, October 12, 2017
I believe house fires are caused by cooking, heating, smoking, electrical faults and careless burning of rubbish.

Most of these things can be prevented by common sense, but electrical defects is something we usually leave to electricians which is sensible.

I believe one electrical thing we can check ourselves is the good old fluorescent light.

Most houses have them and I believe many of them are a serious fire risk because when they get old, parts of them can get very hot and start a fire.

How often do you go out at night and leave the light on?

Here's a simple test: when a fluorescent light has been turned on for a while, just feel around the metal part for heat.

If it's very hot you need to get it changed because it is not safe.

Fluorescent lights used to be the cheapest light to run, but today a simple batten holder and one of the modern light globes is cheap to buy, easy to install and cheap to run.

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