Eticketing episode

Lawrence Wara Suva | Thursday, October 12, 2017
SO this eticketing fiasco is probably dying down slowly, so I might as well chuck in my 5 cents worth.

At home I have a nephew who attends primary school, and we used to give his bus fare from home in the morning, but then he would always lose it because he plays a lot and forgets things or it's stolen from his bag, so we stopped giving his bus fare and got him to come and pick up his bus fare from us when he knocks off from school.

Now imagine giving children his age eticketing cards, it's not even one month and he has lost his card.

We called his class teacher and she told us that they pick up both cards the one that is given by the MOE and the ones issued at the school playground almost every day.

Kids will be kids, so can we exempt them from this mode of payment and only allow secondary students to be issued cards.

Otherwise I'm gonna be buying a card almost every month.

Who really benefits here? Well not the common man, but the big wigs who came up with this brilliant idea, and I'm guessing they either don't have children or their children don't have the luxury of travelling in this favourable mode of transport.

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