Pay-per view

Ravneel Sharma Navua | Wednesday, October 11, 2017
IT has been awhile that the Sky Pacific pay-per view channel stopped showing live coverage of major football tournaments earmarked in Fiji Football Association's calendar.

Many fans across the country have been denied the opportunity to watch their teams play as the venue for the Inter District Championship is in Lautoka.

Those fans supporting northern and southern teams would be disadvantaged because it's 90-minute football and they cannot afford to travel to Lautoka every day and return to their homes after every day's games.

This has basically demotivated young generations from participating in soccer because most youngsters' lose this spirit as these tournaments are not shown live on television across the country.

It has been also been announced by the Fiji Football Association that they have recorded profits in recent tournaments that had been played throughout this year.

If the Fiji Football Association could allow Sky Pacific to cover the matches live on its channel.

I believe most people would team up to subscribe to the channel to watch these games live.

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