Bus drivers' wages

Rajnesh Narayan Lautoka | Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Prior to the introduction of the eTicketing system, I never heard of bus drivers' wages. Long hours of work was not a concern! Everything seemed to be normal.

Now all of a sudden, I hear that all of the above have become an issue. They are lowly paid and have very long working hours. They have families to feed, etc. Where were the critics? Why was no one bothered to raise this? Were the drivers suffering in silence? Why couldn't the drivers do what they are doing now?

I believe nothing has changed except the introduction of eTickets. Is it that the bus companies have reduced their wages? Or is it that their workload has increased or hours of work extended?

Back in the village we used to say that one of the front tyres belonged to the driver. Perhaps it is not the case now. All the six wheels belong to the company.

I am wondering how many bus companies know exactly how much income they have. I am also wondering what would be ideal wages of a bus driver.

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