FijiFirst legacy

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa Suva | Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Standing in line to register for my eticketing Card at MHCC on Monday — my negative thoughts about our new cashless bus ride system seemed to disappear and being replaced by a sense of pride at this mammoth leap Fiji has taken.

The word "legacy" popped into my mind as that was the word stressed at the funeral of the late Timaima Molinitoga (71), also known as Nau Tima last Friday.

The FijiFirst Government and our PM will have the legacy of introducing this new eticketing card system on our buses before moving into all modes of public transport.

Our PM and his government wanted all Fiji citizens to be called Fijians and this is another legacy that will follow him.

In his dream for Fiji to become a smart nation — we have free education up to secondary school and other goodies attached with it.

Come to think of it, we Fijians should be proud that this move in eticketing shows that despite being just a small nation with less than a million in population, we are a smart nation, in line with technology and other advanced nations.

In the '70s, I watched the film "The Bridge Over River Kwai" in our dining hall at QVS and I remember the part where the leader of the British prisoners of war, challenging his soldiers to show the Japanese their legacy, in the quality and strength of what is built by the British.

Similarly, we Fijians are a smart nation, claiming to be the way the world should be. Let us unite and show the world that eticketing is just the beginning of a new dawn for our beloved nation.

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