Endless threats

George H Keller, Mead Rd, Tamavua, Suva | Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The North Korean leader deliberately and endlessly torments President Donald Trump to agitate him.

Mr Trump in turn gets aggravated and fires back with his array of endless threats.

It is high time for this war of words to end and for the president to come to the realisation that his comments serve no purpose.

What will have a positive effect is for the president to simply keep quiet and not respond whatsoever.

Soon, the Rocket Child will have no other choice but to give up, crawl back into his playpen and simply find another toy to play with, while throwing another tantrum.

I believe the Rocket Launching Child has no intention of launching a catastrophic damaging rocket at anyone; for the very moment he does, he knows that the United States has the capability of wiping him and his regime, completely off the map.

But, be ever ready to retaliate should the Rocket Child decide to test his luck and hit the US, its territories or its allies.

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