| Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kava chasers

I wonder if kava chasers, fizzy drinks and bitter lemons are healthy to chase down the so-called relaxing drink?

Tahir Ali

Hamilton, New Zealand

Former citizens

NOW that we are opening our doors to former Fiji citizens, it may be opportune for us to review and lift the ban imposed on Dr Brij Lal and his wife who have contributed immensely towards the development of this country and are eager to do much more for the betterment of our people. I honestly believe that as true patriots they mean no harm to the country of their birth.



Road rage

Whether we drive a new Hybrid or an old school vehicle, I reckon our destination still remains the same. Let's drive safely, respect one another on roads and respect the road itself. Let's bury road rage into pot-holes.

Shamal Chand

Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Eticketing training

Training for eticketing should have been provided for the bus drivers as well as the passengers before the system was introduced. At least that is a way of life. You learn first and do it later.

Sukha Singh


League action

Just imagine the lethal backline if we still had Marika Koroibete, Semi Radradra joining forces with Vunivalu and Hayne for the Tri-Nations Rugby League with PNG and the Kangaroos. Well, we still have the mana and magic that we got to see in 2008. Go captain Kevin and the boys we will surely be entertained with high level league action this weekend and at the RLWC. Go Bati our flag will remain up right up to RLWC and beyond.

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place

Nabua, Suva

Employment opportunity

I believe the greatest employment opportunity is utilisation of land and not foreign employment opportunity.

Dan Urai


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