Healthy Fiji

Dr Monish Nandan, Simla, Lautoka | Tuesday, October 10, 2017
The concept of taking action to be healthy in Fiji is a new idea to most people.

There is a palpable apathy ingrained in this concept of actually taking physical action to take care of one's own body.

A young nation such as ours would face such a challenge and the high occurrence of heart disease and diabetes in the general population are indicators of a populace where health has been misconstrued as "something given to you by a medical professional". This is why most people line up to join specialist clinics in hospitals and health centres around the country because the consensus is "the doctor has the keys to make me healthy". This is far from the truth. You have had the keys this whole time.

Eating healthy food, controlling your body weight, limiting consumption of alcohol and kava intake, following an exercise plan — these are the keys to healthy living.

So in real life view, healthy living is easy. There is no mountain to climb nor any complex lifestyle changes to make. There is just one choice waiting to be made.

Make that choice today, Fiji.

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