148 years anniversary

Richard M. Abel, Suva | Wednesday, September 13, 2017
First of all happy 148 years anniversary! It was great reading about all the staff members, workers and so forth in Saturday's edition, on September 9.

It really was good to know that some people still there now I got to meet sometime back and must say are friendly as can be, so vinaka vakalevu sara The Fiji Times and its workers and the wonderful news over the years.

It is also good to read about the outgoing EU ambassador, Andrew Jacobs' story of his stay in Fiji and how attached he and his family have become to the people and the way of life here.

I'm quite sure you and your family have done so many good things for Fiji and also touched a lot of lives as well. We wish you and your family well and God willing you all will be back one day, to stay or visit.

Yesterday was 9/11 in the US and we remember those who lost their lives in the destruction of the Twin Towers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out for their souls and their loved ones, our prayers for them as well, to be strong and brave this 16th anniversary of that dreadful day.

May the good Lord have mercy and grant them eternal peace, amen.

There is so much happening in our world today that terrorism and those in countries that support ISIS and the like of these kinds of people should and must be brought to justice.

We pray for a better world and especially a better Fiji.

God bless Fiji.

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