| Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Thank you

No doubt you are the best newspaper in Fiji. You win an award and you celebrated a birthday. Anyway thank you for all that you have brought to the people of Fiji and those who live overseas. You are too good.

Thanks for the pens.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Meal allowance

The increase of meal allowance for civil servants from $9 to $20 is nothing more than a good thing. Objections to such a positive move is absolutely ridiculous. It is indeed sad that some even complain over good.

Simon Hazelman


Cyclone season

We are getting closer to the cyclone season which is from November to April. I believe the extreme weather phenomena we are facing is because of climate change. Extreme Category 5 cyclones Harvey and Irma graced part of the Caribbean islands and the Gulf towards Texas. Weather patterns of the South Pacific as was predicted earlier this year would bring about many cyclones of very strong calibre. Now is the time for us in Fiji to be prepared or it will be too late.

Alex Waqalevu

Subrawal St, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Oldest profession

I was reading through the letters to the editor column the other day when I came across the parade of "world's oldest profession". It was mentioned that prostitution was the oldest profession. Well, to my knowledge there are three professions that go beyond prostitution to take the title. These three are politics, war and religion. In most cases these three go hand in hand. But then again that is to my knowledge.

Dharam Lingam

Sacramento, CA

Climate change

Writers to this column who seem to blame US President Donald Trump for the evils of climate change should realise the effects of regulations on providing jobs and profits (business competition). Why don't we start with curtailing local carbon emitters rather than blaming others? Maybe after the election is okay?

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Competitive edge

Recruiters are always looking for best overall applicants given the competitive edge businesses encounter to remain in the lead. Currently, the prevalent competencies gap from university and vocational graduates is an ongoing challenge. I believe two impediments faced with new workers are lack of courage and initiative. Courage to speak one's mind, be different, create the change and implement new ideas. Initiative to ask questions, apply solutions, maintain punctuality and good work practices and rise to meet changing demands of the job, customers and career changes. The positive side, however, is Fiji's formidable network identifies and shares whereabouts of outgoing industrious and dynamic graduates.

Finau Naigulevu Turaga

Nadi Airport

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