Tyre collectors

Neelz Singh, Lami | Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Tyres that are simply thrown away are a serious environmental problem. I believe the sheer volume of tyres discarded each year are almost in millions in Fiji alone, making safe disposal difficult.

Tyre recycling is a serious global concern. Scrap tyres take up far too much space, they can spawn devastating tyre fires that burn for weeks or even months when stored together in large numbers, and they leak chemicals into soil and groundwater.

Like bottle collectors, tyre collectors from all areas will collect: old, discarded and used tyres and then bring them down to tyre recycling or rubber plants.

Investment into tyre recycling or rubber plants will not only help clean the environment but will also boost generating revenue and employment sector. It will be the first such innovative project as I believe no such plant exists in the Pacific. Fiji can target the Pacific market where they will export all tyres to our plants and the by-products can be sold.

Communities and villages can be included as a whole, as many vehicles are on our roads tyres are everywhere and many would be seen in nearby creeks and beaches. Easy money, less pollution and crime and will engage the society as a whole.

Discarded tyres are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease-carrying animals because their hollow, rounded shape holds water for a long time. Used tyres can be used in planting flowers or decorative seats or walls or landfill, but need long term solutions.

I believe tyre recycling is an absolute necessity, but not easily done.

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