Road death

M. S. Kaleca, Nakasi | Tuesday, September 12, 2017
It is quite sad that a Bangladeshi national was killed on our road a few days ago by a drunk driver. His colleague was also critically injured and is still recovering in hospital. Nothing can bring back this poor man's life but we can prevent these kinds of incidents from happening in the future.

The Fiji Roads Authority has gone out of its way in trying to provide good roads for us road users. This is visible all over the Suva-Nausori corridor as roadworks are popping up everywhere.

However, these roads are incomplete without "road barriers" built on the side of the roads to protect the public from vehicles. I believe that with the number of vehicles increasing on our roads,

it is only right that these "road rails or fences" be placed along the roads to protect those pedestrians walking on the footpaths along them. Until this is implemented and carried out by the FRA, we are sure to see these kinds of accidents happening in the future again.

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