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| Monday, September 11, 2017


Congratulations to The Fiji Times for this long survival, passing through lots of disasters.

I have been privileged to read The Fiji Times over 48 years, from my primary school days in the 1960s.

God bless and long live The Fiji Times!

Tahir Ali

Hamilton, New Zealand



WILL the Pacific sprint king, Banuve Tabakaucoro, progress from training in the extended Vodafone Fiji sevens squad to the starting line?

Imagine, how much firepower and pace he may add to Fiji's line-up.

One only has to look at the South African and USA teams whose speedsters inject much life into the team, let alone snatching victories from their opponents even in the dying seconds.

Only time will tell.

For now, one looks forward to the much anticipated match between our Fiji Airways Drua and the Melbourne side.

Floyd Robinson




IT is interesting that since the papal conclave in 2013, Pope Francis dominated the world stage featuring on the cover of most of the magazines in the Western world.

But since US President Donald Trump came into office on 20th January 2017, he has taken over the world stage and Pope Francis resigned to the back stage.

Maybe that is how the world media has portrayed these two powerful men?

Korina Waibuta


Hot and dry

in the West

WITH the hot and dry weather currently experienced in the Western Division, I heard that a mate of ours when harvesting cassava in his back yard, it is already cooked.

Hahaha. Sa malo tovats.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



WE are getting closer to the cyclone season which is from November to April.

The extreme weather phenomena we are facing is because of climate change.

Extreme category 5 cyclones Harvey and Irma graced part of the Caribbean islands and the Gulf towards Texas.

Weather patterns of the South Pacific, as was predicted earlier this year, would bring about many cyclones of very strong calibre.

Now is the time for us in Fiji to be prepared or it will be too late.

Alex Waqalevu


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