Necessary change

Naveen Dutt,Wainibokasi | Monday, September 11, 2017

I believe it is quite surprising to realise that a passenger is only able to carry 15kg on local flights operating in Fiji.

I believe this is far too less.

The authorities must revise this policy and ensure that this is increased at least to the level of international flights that stands at 23kg.

Probably the consumer council could look into this as passengers have to dig deep to pay for the extra weight charges levied.

There are always passengers who end up with extra baggage and increasing the weight from 15 to 23 would surely give a big relief to those passengers.

By the way the announcement by Government on giving special fares of around $65 on one third seats on flights bound for Labasa is indeed praiseworthy.

The northerners have a lot more to smile for now. I am also planning to travel to Labasa on the night flight.

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