148-year anniversary

Amenatave Yaconisau,Palm Drive, Delainavesi, Lami | Monday, September 11, 2017
I join the many wellwishers for The Fiji Times for its 148-year anniversary celebration.

The paper appears to encourage equality and democratic participation that is fair to all.

Certainly it does not indoctrinate people into unwanted values.

It's unfortunate the newspaper is viewed as anti-establishment against certain ideology of Fijian 'Liberalism'.

The newspaper appears to report older views intertwined with the modern emphasising continuity not revolutionary sentiments.

Surely the newspaper with its ethnic counterpart Nai Lalakai are not means of sectoral politics, party agitation or propaganda and must not be controlled and restricted. They must be congratulated for advancing values fairly and does not manipulate opinion.

These 'Dragons' must be slayed and we must be recognised as learned people, not ignorant.

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