A day to remember

Isireli Bolaniveimau,Lautoka | Monday, September 11, 2017
Allow me if I showcase once and for all a previous letter of mine that collaborated as it fared well with the Constitution Day celebration held more than a year ago.

Basically it involved an incident whereby our water meter box was run over by a private car.

On the benefit of hindsight, my wife at that time was involved in trying to persuade the driver for the repair of the damaged item, but to no avail, however, my wife not easily lost hope, called the Water Authority of Fiji in Lautoka and the woman at the counter took the complaint and the problem was solved before noon on that Constitution Day of 2016.

One week after the Constitution Day celebration of 2016, my wife went to the Water Authority's Office to pay our water bill. To her surprise the woman at the counter with her colleagues pointed a finger at her as they acknowledged her for having narrated as it appeared through this column. In a nutshell, on September 7, 2017, a multitude of people of many colours converged at Churchill Park to celebrate in greater heights, as to the woman at the counter of Water Authority and her colleagues it would be remiss of me to say the least, that I would also be present at the ground to celebrate although I may not be fairly recognised, but my beloved wife through the eleventh hour response from the woman at the counter will be cherished as I sorely miss her as she passed on four months before the historic occasion of the Constitution Day celebration of 2017.

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