Talents or making money

Rikash Deo,Nausori | Saturday, August 12, 2017
Wow! Inspirational! That's all I can think about first 2000 students at $5 entry; think what chaos will be created with students competing on the field to be in the first lot to get on to the field?

Parents will wake up early and sit in anxiety, worried about their children or else fork out extra money to watch their children play.

What is actually happening now? Are we creating talents or making money? Money to be used for school rugby growth sounds good, but what has happened to sponsors? Are they not giving enough?

I am all for growth of rugby in schools but against paying to see our young talents in action.

Doesn't happen anywhere and I have been to New Zealand schools rugby games, the best rugby country in the world.

Wake up organisers and stop thinking about money.

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